Anyone agree with me?

one of the worst manufacture of motherboard... i had all 4 failed in less than 6 months
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  1. I dont agree, I have an A790GMX-A with an Athlon II X4 930 / 8GB / 4870 and its 100% stable and fast in every game, before i had the K7S5A with an AthlonXP and never had a single issue with it.
  2. well all i can say lucky you for now
  3. I've used ECS boards almost exclusively for several years. They're no worse than any other manufacturer, except at marketing their product. ECS does not make overclocking or enthusiast motherboards, but sometimes they overmarket the Black Series boards to the overclocking crowd, most of whom are buying *** overpriced L33T OverClockerz modules that require way too much voltage.
  4. I find that low end ECS boards tend to be pretty crappy, but their mid range boards are o.k for office builds and the like. Better than PC Chips I guess :D. Anyway, alot of people think they can skimp on the motherboard, but it's the foundation of your PC. If you're building a PC for gaming, and possibly overclocking, always research the board before buying it.
  5. The fact that it's even worth discussing answers the question.
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