Advice on storage!!

hello everyone,
im getting my 2nd build together and i have a few hdd's to use up. since im very new to the internal workings of raid storage and speeds of the different hdd's out there i thought id ask away:) so heres the specs:

thermaltake armor series full tower
antec 1200 quattro psu
rampage 3 extreme mobo
i7 930 cpu
corsair h50 cooler
8 gigs corsair dominator 1600
ati 5970
the hdd's i have are as follows:

80gb intel ssd
2 wd 300gb velociraptors
2 wd 1tb sata6 7200 rpm

my main question is even having the ssd as boot drive even worth it if i have the 2 raptors? and if it is do i have to set up the user files and everything else on another hdd or will the ssd hold all the windows crap just fine? on the raptors and the 2 1tb ive heard use raid 1 and not 0 and vice versa is it really down to preference? if ive missed anything let me know, would love to use all these in this build if its worth it. thx again in advance.
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    for storage...
    i'd use the SSD for the OS, and essential programs

    I'd use the other hard drives just for storage of stuff.
    I don't see a need for the velociraptor drivers, or RAID systems
    Even if you got a slower 5900 RPM drive for your media, you'd prob. never notice much a difference.
    The Libraries of Win7 are very easy to send to a different drive (i have mine going to a Windows Home Server which sits upstairs from my PC)
  2. thx for the advice:) will be putting in the hard drives this week
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