Amd phenom ii x6 1090t windows rating

today just put the 1090t in my rig and once everything loaded up and windows rating refreshed it said 7.2 is that right?
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  1. forgot to say i got a 7.2 stock speed
    the rest of my system ram 6gb 2x2 1600 corsair pluss 2x1 gb 1333mhz so speed is lowered for now
    asus hd6970 directcu2 stock
    750 watt coolermaster
    320gb samsung 7200rpm
    and haf 932 advanced tower case
  2. 7.2 is correct and that the performance of the default, and most people will get this score, rarely able to get 7.9 cpu that I have never seen.
  3. ahh good just wanted to make sure because before i had the amd phenom daul core black edition unlocked cores and overclocked got 7.4 probably one of the best cards for price and proformance wise that ive seen and i overclocked it easily to 4.0 and have reached 4.2 but decided to put it down first need better heat-sink
  4. Yes .. Right if you overclok at 4Ghz your rate cpu can rise maybe at 7.4 - 7.6 but very hard to get it. You must step by step and alway's keep temperature at below 57C when test stress
  5. I'm not really sure how to score 7.9's lol

    My CPU is 7.8's across the board (minus the HDD) and my CPU is a 2600k at 4.3 ghz.
  6. probably only way is to water cool can be clocked to 6ghz defiantly get a 7.9 then lol and during a stress test it normally hits just over 45C
  7. my laptop i7 scores a 7.4...
  8. I just re-ran it and I got a 7.5 on WEI on my 1090T which isnt overclocked. Why are there so many different scores?
  9. hapkiman said:
    I just re-ran it and I got a 7.5 on WEI on my 1090T which isnt overclocked. Why are there so many different scores?

    some people lie
  10. my 965 at 4.1 is at 7.5 WEI ...I wouldnt hold to much stock in the WEI....Mine is 7.5, 7.8, 7.8, 7.8, 7.5...The socket 1366 i7 980x scores a 7.9
  11. im gonna be getting a new cooler for it soon but gotta say dont bother with windows rating dont matter really some people i know get low scores then re run it and get a different score sometimes
  12. For some reason my 1090T with stock clocks had 7.5
    It's the lowest score on my rig too. My OCZ Agility 3 SSD scores a 7.9 and GTX 570 scores a 7.9 as well.
  13. whats it clocked too?
  14. disaster101 said:
    whats it clocked too?

    Like I said, stock clock, so that would be 3.2 GHz only =(.
  15. WEI means close to nothing... my stock i7 2600k got a 7.6 and when its overvlocked to 4.8 its got 7.2, and once I finally got it to 5.0ghz it's at 7.9
  16. my chip rates at 7.6-4.0ghz
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