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Hello, I have a seagate 1.5 tb external hd and when i connect it to my laptop, it makes a buzzing sound, stops then another buzzing sound. After 2 minutes, it stops & the laptop sees the hd but when i open windows explorer, you can't see it. The laptop recognizes it but you can't see it. HELP!!!!
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  1. What does it say in disk management?

    Run seagate diagnotic software on the drive to determin it's condition.

    If it appears ok try...
  2. When i right-click on the windows button and go to explore, i can't see the drive. When i double-click on the usb icon in the system tray, it sees the hard drive but it doesn't have a drive letter assigned to it. The drive light is now fading in & out but it stays on. I will run the seagate diagnostic to check on it's condition. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I ran the find & mount app and it came up with no partitions and no new partitions. So what does that mean, is it hosed UGH!!!!!! The drive light goes in & out and when the app was running, it was fading in & out alot faster but no cigar.
  4. If find and mount does not see it then the chances of a quick repair are not good.

    What do the diagnostics report?
  5. It says that the drive is working properly, UGH!!!!
  6. The diagnostics may be seeing the USB-SATA bridge chip inside the enclosure, but not the drive behind the bridge.

    Did you drop it? If so, then your drive may have a seized spindle, or a stiction fault.

    See this thread, but heed the warnings:
  7. My husband and I bought our seagate freeagent goflex 1t back in Oct. 2011. Just the other day we went to plug it in to add a few pictures onto it. We have kept all of our lifetime pictures on it. The computer wouldn't read it and the lights on the stupid box wouldn't come on. Everything we looked up online said it sounds like a power issue. I contacted seagate and they had told me take it to any computer shop or Best Buy and have them hook it up. If it continues to beep and no lights come on it it a dead box. If it is a power problem and they get the lights to come on then I have to send the box in after paying to have my data recovered. Asked the guy what could cause it to be dead just out of no where. He said there is no way of knowing the cause, just a dead box.

    Went to best buy where they had to take the stupid thing apart to test it. Didn't work the guy there said it was a dud box. For a fee which could range from $250 and up they could try to recover all of our pictures. They also said they have had alot of people bring in Seagate products because of problems. Also said he's seen a lady pay over $1000 to recover her data. And another lady who lost her family and all her pictures of them was on it, couldn't be saved all because their product failed.

    Talked to warranty at Seagate they wanted me to pay for a special package (if box was not shipped in that package they would void the warranty). Also wanted me to pay shipping. Why should I have to pay extra out of my pocket because their product was crappy and failed?!? Spoke with a supervisor who told me they wouldn't be able to refund my money to give to another company and continued to argue with me. Then tried to tell me that their fail rate is .38%...I told him to google because their are tons of people online having problems with their products and they think it's the .38% because people find out they have to pay more out of their pockets when it wasn't their fault so of course they will not be notifying the company.

    All in all I'm writting this to notify everyone that Seagate is a crappy company, customer service is crap, supervisors are crap, and there return/exchange is total crap. I WILL NEVER again buy a Seagate product!! If anyone is looking into buying best advise is DON'T!!
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