Q6600 Bottleneck?

Ok so I have a q6600 oc'ed to 3.2 on a 780i Board with 4gb of 1066 ram...I wanna know if that combo will bottleneck my 2 BFG gtx 285 OCX's in SLi. Does anyone have any personal experiences with a similar setup? I really dont want to upgrade to a core i7. Thanks and any input would help.
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  1. Depends on what resolution you play and what games you play.
  2. Yes.
    Even a overclocked i7 920 will hold those monsters back.
    What resolution are you using and I take it you have already installed the cards?
  3. Yes i Have installed the cards already but i think vista messed up the drivers so i am gonna get windows 7 goin in a bit also sorry i forgot to tell u the res its 1920x1200. I play mostly call of duty games like world at war etc.
  4. And why do you need 2 GTX285 to play cod? I think that one GTX285 is fine for this resolution if you play only cod.

    Anyway if you play games like Crysis, Farcry2, Stalker clear sky, Cryostasis your q6600 is not going to bottleneck your 2 GTX285 that much if not at all if you use veryhigh AA.
  5. We need a sticky on what a bottleneck is sooo badly...

    If you are gonna spend that much cash on video cards you owe it to yourself to spend a lot of time reading up on system design. You should be the one answering questions if you are enthusiast enough to build a rig with gpu's like that :P.

    Anyway, yes it will bottleneck a bit. No, it won't bottleneck enough (almsot nothing actually would) to make the 285's in SLI anything but the best dual GPU setup you can run. If you are spending that much cash price/performance must not matter all that much to you (which is fine).

    Will you get as mcuh FPS as someone with an i7? Absolutely not.

    Will you get more performacne that you would out of any other double GPU cofiguration? You sure will.

    Computer bottlenecks are not hard, and they are not linear. There is no magic point where a gpu all of a sudden doesn't give more performance as it gets faster (well.. there is eventually if we talk about cpu limited settings where you effectively don't use teh GPu at all) You simply get less and less out of it. Frankly if you bought 285's in the first place you probalby don't care about the diminishing returns anyway as there are FAR better ideas price/performance wise. I would assume the fastest is what is important to you, not how much faster. Obviously if how much faster is important you might need an i7.
  6. At then end of the day... as long as your frame rates are great don't worry too much about it

    wait as long as you can then upgrade when prices drop or new kit comes out :)
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