Microsoft Fax issues SBS 2003

MS Fax on SBS 2003 (Fax Console 5.2.3790, SP2).

Modem is on the server and working fine. No problems sending or receiving or sending faxes from any work station.

Problem is, the workstations are no longer receiving notification of incoming faxes. These would normally pop up in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Not sure exactly when it stopped working, but it has been a couple of months. Workstations can still open Fax Console and manually download incoming faxes. I'm just trying to restore the automatic notification function.

Would also like to be able to manually route incoming faxes on the server console to a specified outlook client. I've read a ton of material on this, but all seems to assume a new installation as opposed to one that was working properly and then stopped for unknown reasons. Fax Manager window says "Routing Error" when I try to forward to a specified email address manually.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Try uninstall the Fax & scan component then reinstall it...
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