MSI. MS-6278 2.00 gaming graphics cards

Hey there dont know much when it comes to motherboards but i have a MSI MS-6278 it says it supports AGP 8X so im guessing its only compatible with AGP graphics cards?

Well im wondering if anyone could recommend any 512mb or 1gb graphics cards ideal for gaming since thats pretty much what i use my pc for. Such as (cs:source, modern warfare 2, etc.)

So far ive been looking at the ATI HD 3450 512mb but curious to whats better for me, not really sure what other graphics cards my mobo is compatible with so any help/recommendations would be appreciate.
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  1. Hello :)
    Yes it only supports AGP 8X so you can only use AGP 8X cards on it.
    Well its better to upgrade your system to a newer one and get a motherboard with PCI-E But if you can't then there are 2 cards which you can get like HD 3850 and HD 4670.
    About HD 3450,well its a low-end card and not recommended for gaming.
    What are your other system specs ?
  2. Oh right so the HD 4670 would work on my system?
    Yeah ive thought about a new motherboard for PCI-E but take it thats the more costly option??
    Especially since im trying to budget myself.
    By the way my other specs are:
    Intel P4. 2.4GHz
    512mb RAM (soon to be eitha 3 or 4GB)
  3. You need to get a Radeon 4670 on AGP slot. The Radeon 4670 exists in both AGP and PCI-E versions. Make sure you get the right one.

    PS. Your processor isn't enough for Modern Warfare 2 even if you get a really powerful video card.
  4. Sweet thanks for that.
    If i want to upgrade my processor does it mean getting a new motherboard?
    What do i need to know/look at when it comes to getting a new processor?
  5. Well a P4 2.4 with a HD 4670 won't be very good for gaming,if you can upgrade your CPU and as i said get a PCI-E motherboard and yes when you upgrade your CPU you have to change your motherboard too,what is your budget ?
  6. As an upgrade for your current hardware you can get an AGP 4650 for $95 or AGP 4670 for $110.
    As with the above, you would be much better off spending your cash on a platform upgrade than an AGP GPU.

    For $265.96 after a $25 MIR you can get a new Athlon II x2 240, Motherboard, 4Gb DDR2 800 and 9800GT.
    That would be my recommendation as it is not overly expensive but massively better performing than your current rig.
  7. Dont really have a set budget but looking to spend as low as possible.
    Yeah think a new mobo is looking like a must unless i want to make do with a 4670 for the time being.
    Is that Athlon II X2 240? not 940? and is it 2.8GHz?
  8. Yes, yes it is :pt1cable:

    Yeah, upgrading your motherboard, along with the CPU and RAM, opens you to quite a few more upgrades.
    Also, PCIe GPUs are quit a bit cheaper than their AGP counterparts.
    Case in point, that AGP 4670 costs you $110 while the much more powerful PCIe 9800GT only runs $75.

    You could probably shave a few bucks from the above parts (less RAM, slower GPU) but it is a pretty inexpensive option for a massive upgrade.
    One thing you will have to check, however, it how powerful your current PSU is.
    Most likely it is outdated and underpowered for any decent upgrade.
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