Identifying Problem with Motherboard.

I have an ASV533MSD+ Motherboard. RAM was forced in to the slot in the opposite direction and pc turned on causing the motherboard to fail. I want to repair the motherboard but don't know where to start. I was told that the mostly some capacitor near the RAM slot would have gone bad. Is that right? Can someone provide me some insight as to what would have gone wrong with mobo when the RAM was forced in the opposite polarity.
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  1. I'm sorry I don't have any info that can help you. I'm just curious as to why you want to repair it. It seems like the overall effort, the learning curve, the part replacement, the tools you may need to fix it are going to add up to more than the cost of a new motherboard. So why do it?

    I could see it being a project, like rebuilding a '65 Mustang, but aside from that, it's just not worth it.

    You'll probably have to start by testing each individual component. I would probably stop looking at computer tech sites and start looking into electrical engineering forums.
  2. I saw some old instructions on how to replace capacitors on old mobos, but it required a small soldering iron, a desoldering gun, a vacuum, and know where you could buy the exact same capacitors. I forgot about it when I saw that it needed a desoldering gun, which I didn't have, which would probably cost like a new motherboard.

    Unless you have all this equipment lying around, and already have the soldering skills on electronics, buying a new mobo would be easier, and might be cheaper.
  3. There are other ways to desolder, like solder braid, which are very cheap. And replacing board components is generally not difficult. but the cost and effort to repair an old motherboard, I'm assuming it's a P4 socket 478 board from the name, is not cost/time-effective even if you had the tools. It's the narrowing down of what's actually messed up without the benefit of schematics that makes it not worth it. trial and error can get expensive and time consuming.
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