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What is on E drive & how do I increase the disk size? I am getting a pop-up that I am low on space on Drive E. The recycle bin is empty. I don't know what this drive stores or what is safe to delete
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  1. Its probably your recovery partition..
    Read your owners manual and it should give you instructions on how to recover your pc from it.
  2. You can suppress the warning by following this article:


    If you have recovery CD's you canditch the partition. If not, it will be useful if you need to recover (but not if the disk dies).
  3. You can expand the partition for that drive using a Partition Management tool like http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm. It's a bit of a shuffle though since you can only expand into contiguous unallocated space located after the drive you want to make bigger. Unfortunately HP_TOOLS is all the way at the end of the partition line, so you have take the space from C: and move all the other drives back until the empty space gets to the end where you need it. Sstart by backing up all the files from each drive after the C: drive. You can just create folders in your C: drive and copy everything from each other drive into them while you make the change. After that, shrink C: by five or ten gigabytes, then delete the next drive in line and re-create it in the same place. The re-created version will be adjacent to C: now, so the space you trimmed off of C: will now appear right after the next drive in line. Repeat with each drive until you get to HP_TOOLS, but when you re-create that drive, make it bigger using the unallocated space you just shimmied all the way to the end of the line. Note, the space you create has to be "unallocated space" if you want to keep HP_TOOLS a primary drive instead of a logical drive. You can accomplish this whole process on the "Disk Management" utility that comes with Windows if you don't care about having a Primary Drive. If it matters, then you need to use a third party utility like the one linked to above.
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