Budget Phenom II 720 build - need MoBo & GPU suggestions only

Looking for advise on my build. I am going to go with the Phenom II 720. I'm going to get a good 400-500 watt PSU. 500GB-1TB Seagate HDD. Already have RAM (DDR2 800), case, running XP, etc. I am going to stick with DDR2 board because I have the RAM already. Not much sense in blowing $80 or so on RAM when there's not much performance advantage.

I only need advise on the Mobo & GPU.
What I will like to do is purchase the GPU a bit after I have everything assembled, so on-board graphics is preferred, but not mandatory.

shopping on newegg.com.

Going to slightly overclock the CPU, but not much. Want to run stock cooler.

Use the computer for surfing, watching u-tube, web design, DVD creation (adobe premiere elements), etc. Nothing too taxing.

Kinda like to get as close to Dragon Platform as possible to maximize performance / $$.


I'd like to get the best bang for the $$. Want to stick with AMD for graphics as well. Saw a 3870-512Mb for $60 (after $10 MIR), 4670-1Gb for $60 (after $20 MIR), and many others.

I don't play games, so the best graphics card for <=$60 (after MIRs). I will be running folding @ home, so if there is anything better for this, please recommend.


Want a 790 chipset. <=$120. Saw some nice ones with sideport mem (if it helps, great) for as low as $85. Not looking for anything too crazy.

Thanks for recommendations!
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  1. Well whats the budget, we know the parts and prices but, look at the top of this home-building page, theres a sticky. Do it and re-post a new thread.
  2. Combo deal:
    That's a lot of board for the price.

    You don't need 1600Mhz, but it's a good deal and should last a while. DDR3 will be around for years.

    If you don't game, you don't even need a 4670. A 4650 would do.
  3. 500w would be to much, 380w-400w.

    400cx psu should be good.
  4. I'm really only looking for suggestions on the MoBo & GPU. I know the other parts that I want/have. Here is a rundown of what I have/am getting:


    Win XP

    CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 Dual Channel Kit
    (why I'd like to stick with AM2+ boards + haven't seen much evidence performance is worth buying all new memory)

    Case: Similar to this

    Going to get:

    AMD Phenom II X3 720

    PSU: Something along the lines of 400-500 watts

    HDD: 500-1000GB
  5. There's nothing wrong with buying a higher wattage PSU if the price is right.

    Those are both good picks.

    The Corsair has free shipping, too. Personally I would use the Corsair 450VX in a build like that.
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