Best SSD for me?

My wife wants a snappy laptop, so that means SSD. She loves how quickly my desktop opens everything (RAID0) and wants that experience in a laptop. I know A LOT about computers, but I haven't read up extensively on SSDs.

Interface: SATA II
It's for her old laptop (Intel T2250 CPU) and possible future migration to a new laptop or transfer to a desktop.

Capacity: 60GB+
I could go with a 40GB drive, but hers is 80GB right now and larger SSDs have better performance anyhow.

Price: ~$100 to ~$150
I really can afford any price so I mostly want to optimize price/GB and performance/price. I'd get a $200 SSD if it truly was the best deal

I'm sad I missed the deal today on OCZ Vertex 2's. From what I hear, nothing competes with Sand Force firmware. But I know Sand Force 2 is coming out so prices for SATA II SSDs may drop a lot. I'd prefer 32nm SSDs over 25nm--but it's price/performance that matters most.

We almost bought the HP $849 Sandy Bridge i7 laptop today, but I couldn't guarantee her it would be "snappy" since it's really my hard drive setup that makes my computer stand out in her eyes--not my CPU (although it's great, it isn't 3x faster than a Phenom II x4).
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  2. Intel has a $30 rebate on the 120gb X25-M @ newegg to 3/2. There is a shell shocker deal from 10am to 1pm PT 3/1 which lowers the cost even more, down to $1.5 per gb.

    And, yes it transforms your laptop.
  3. I just bought an i7 Sandy Bridge based laptop and you cant tell the difference in speed between it and a Core2Duo one. But I movedmy crappy Samsung SSD and it smokes anything near it. People notice it wheen I do presentations on just how fast it starts up, pints the desktop and opens files.

    I am partial to the Intel ones as they generally do very well on most things. But it really doesnt matter much as any SSD is hands down better than and HDD in a laptop.
  4. geofelt - The newegg shell shocker is soooooo tempting, especially after reading two technical reviews of the new 510. Lots of disappointment in forums with the 510 performance and price.
  5. I think I'm gonna just get one of the Sandforce SATA II drives when they drop in price after the Sandforce 2 SATA III's are out.
  6. I would buy the Intel 120gb X25-M myself if it wasn't for the damn rebate hassle.
    My decision has come down to the 120gb X25-M or 120GB Vertex3.
  7. I don't have SATA III, so Vertex 3 can only beat the Vertex 2 by 10% or so if I don't buy an expansion card (which I can't do for a laptop). I'd rather the old tech for 25% cheaper (at least I hope it will drop by April). Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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