Wavy lines on screen problem

got a problem where someones got a new LCD monitor and plugging it into their PC, theres vertical wavy lines (distortions). most noticeable on colour pictures. really makes the PC unuseable.
I can't remember what brand the monitor is, its at the budget end though. Only supports analogue in (and the cable is built into the monitor). The PC is a dell dimension 2400.

Tests I've done to try and fix it.
- plug monitor into another computer: I plugged it into a laptop and it works fine, even plugged into the same power socket (using same cables).
- tried a load of different refresh rates and different resolutions
- switched VGA card. only has PCI slots so I put a PCI card in, still wavy.

My next idea is to take another power pack wrong, could it be an interference problem stemming from that?
previously there was a CRT monitor plugged into this PC. Is it worth plugging another LCD in?

Any help or suggestions or even vague hitches would be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading,
Dan Gent
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  1. what is the VGA card in the PC? Does the CRT still work on the VGA card in the PC?
  2. Bad explanation I wrote there sorry. The Dell Dimension 2400 has onboard video. Theres no AGP slots on it (and its years before PCI-E), so I put in a spare PCI graphics card I've got. Its made by 3DFX, I think its an old voodoo one. Its a fair few years old though!
  3. the CRT works fine with the onboard video, didnt check it with the voodoo card as I presume it would work fine as well!
  4. If your system does not see the name of your monitor - Go to the manufactures web site and download the drivers for the monitor. Open your device manager - monitor - update drivers - locate your monitor drivers. This will allow your syste to properly recognize your monitor. Hope this helps.
  5. Thats good advice, I haven't checked that. Not sure whether windows recognises the monitor or whether its just "default monitor". I'll look into that and get back to you
  6. Are you using an adapter, ie DVI to VGA?
  7. nope. its only a cheap LCD, the video cable is "built in" at the monitor end. is that the right term? meaning i can't switch it for another one. its analogue at the PC end of the cable and this old PC is only analogue out. It only has PCI ports, so is it possible to get a PCI card with DVI out?
    would doing that then plugging into an adaptor do anything?
  8. In your case, an adapter isn't the issue. It's an issue sometimes for monitors that have both VGA and DVI inputs.
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