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Hey everyone i am currently trying to run two monitors (one 22" and another 19") on my computer. I feel like i have tried everything to get it to work but nothing seems to do the trick. When i restart my pc both monitors show the windows 7 log in screen but directly after that one of the monitors goes inactive and reads "No signal". Can anyone help me, or even just point me in the direction of a setup tutorial for dual monitors in windows 7? Thank you so much :)
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  1. What is your display adapter. It is probably disabled in the driver control panel.
  2. i am using VGA for both, is it possible to have one as VGA and one as HDMI?
  3. Not always. Depends on the video card. Which incidentally is what I need to know before i can really give too much advice.
  4. haha i figured you would need that, not sure why i didnt post it in the main post but anyways i have the sapphire HD 4850 1gb video card
  5. Ok, that should easily get you a couple displays.. Fist, install teh latest display drivers from the AMD site. (version 9.6 for vista or seven)

    In vista you can easily set up the monitors in the catalyst control center but that is broken (at least it was) in seven (check first). So you need to go into control panel and open display settings. Somewhere in there is a simple tool for multi monitors. I'll hop on seven in a bit and give exact instructions.
  6. do the two screens have to be the same size?
  7. Did you right click on the desktop, and set your display options up for two monitors?
  8. No, they can be whatever size you want.

    Scott is also correct, the display properties appears in the context menue with a desktop right click (unless you removed it).
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