Best GPU I can get for an old Tyan s2665 Motherboard

I was wondering what the best card I can get for this old motherboard.
It has an intel dual core at 3.0GHz (Not Core 2 Duo, but I'm not sure exactly what kind it is, maybe a Xeon?)

I was wondering what kind of GPUs this old Mobo supports and what kind of card I could get to play some games with it. I know it won't be able to play anything too fancy, but at least something.

Currently it has a 6800XT 128MB
Thanks for any help.
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  1. manual

    i wouldn't bother too much, it has AGP Pro
    and yes the cpu's are Xeons, that is Intel's serve chip line
    more than likely single core processors, but two of them (uses a lot of energy)

    better just to get a new system, though you could use that for a game/file server (maybe media as well)
  2. $40 newegg lists it as AGP pro
    *never mind its an AGP 8x card
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