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Im am looking to buy a i7 or i5 proc, but do not know what motherboard I should buy. There is way too many out there. i would like fans but i like the evga motherboards but they are mostly heat sinks and i like the asus. in the end what sli board can i get with the best preformance and decently priced. i need something that fits in a antec 900.
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    They're all good; seriously. But you need to ask the board maker what memory is recommended, and use a quality power supply that won't get overloaded by your total system requirements. I use antec, corsair, pc power and cooling, enermax, ocz, or seasonic. All are good. None of the p55 boards have an htpc port, so if you like to watch blueray or do video work, get an all in one video card or one with an htpc port. I also like to download the board manual and checkout the bios adjustments before ordering. Look for memory options and ratio settings, voltage settings, and bios update software for windows. Most folks don't even have a floppy for bios updates, so I checkout the windows flash programs.
  2. ok thanks
  3. I would choose a crossfire motherboard if I were you. Nvidia is kind of dead lately and it doesn't seems that it will change for another couple of months.

    Personally, MSI seems to have a solid P55 lineup. Asus is kind of the safest choice if you totally don't know what you are buying.
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