Help me do my system to the safe max!

Hey there,

Okay I need pointers from the geniuses here, before I say anything, here is my rig;

Processor(s): AMD Athlon 64 5400+ X2 + Optimizing Software (TOTAL=8.1GHz)
Memory: 2024MB DDR2
Hard Drive: (160GB) 3GB/s SATA
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8400GS 256MB
Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio Output (7.1)
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 3)
Motherboard: ASUS M2N MX SE Plus

Does anyone know how I can overclock/improve/optimize/etc etc. this machine/system in anyway, I'll take any tips/information for it to make this system/machine give it's best performance it can working together within the safe limit so it would blow up or not work, also my other question is, would this setup be able to run CoD:World at War and CoD:Modern Warfare properly as it should with a clean FPS?

Thanks alot in advance,

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  1. it might play the CoD's, but at low settings, that graphics card you have in there is very weak, i would recommend at least a 9600GT(NVidia) or HD4670(AIT/AMD)

    though optimizing software are you talking about btw?

    also, you don't double the clock speed of the cpu cores when you have a dual core
  2. Well. System Requirements Lab says that I need a nVidia GeForce 7800 w/256MB or higher and the 7800 is before the 8400GS so I would imagine that the 8400GS would be slitely better.
  3. ^+1. The 7800 was the higher end of the 7xxx cards while the 8400GS is the lower end on the 8xxx cards. In conclusion, 7800>8400GS.


    ??????? WTF?
  4. Why do people use sites like that...iv found it to be far from correct...

    And Mindless728...recommending those cards wouldn't be that much of an improvement if the op is on a res like 19xx/ before we recommend cards that he may just run out and buy(people are of course this mindless) lets get all of the info k?

    Now Coyspo... whatever your name can google for information on the safe clocks and volts for the processor...since you have a decent msi board you should google and see what others with a 5000+ and your motherboard are running etc....

    You should be able to reach 3.0ghz no problem...
  5. Start with a new video card first, then up the ram to say 4 gb. For video card, 4850's are pretty cheap now. Start with those, that system should really wake up.
  6. What resolution are you running at as that is what determines your video needs more than anything else.

    Also if you want to do your system to the max get rid of that power supply ASAP.
    30 amps on the 12 volt rails is tiny, the corsair 450vx can supply more than that, so make sure to treat your power supply like it really is, a 430Watt unit and not a 650 watt unit like it claims.
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