HD4550 with P5k Crossfire

Hey all,

I recently got my hands on two brand new Sapphire HD4550 cards... real deal from a friend... Put them both in and all, and it's on a P5K board.

Here's the thing: CCC says it's there, but disabled... there's no way to enable crossfire in any way! I updated the drivers, even the BIOS and nothing at all! I'm starting to despair... can anyone help me?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    Plz post your system spec + your OS
  2. Got the Crossfire connector? :)
  3. Hey all,
    Here's my system:

    Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.33 gHz
    2 GB Ram
    Dual Sapphire DH4550 gc
    P5K ASUS Mobo

    The card itself is supposed to be a software crossfire connect, so no bridge.... I really am desperate...
  4. Sorry, forgot to add that I run XP media centre...
  5. when i first got my HD 4870X2 i had windows XP and in CCC it reported that i have an disabled display adapter so i switched to VISTA 64 and it was fine,can u test your system with VISTA ?
  6. That sounds like an awful lot of work... for an outcome that I don't really want (I have Vista)...
  7. I emant Hate, not have
  8. it's the crossfire connector, the CCC still preforms a software crossfire, but it also informs you that no bridge is connected.

    had the same "problem" with my cards... went through hell to get a crossfire interconnect, all in all to find out there's no real gap between software crossfiring and hardware+software crossfiring.
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