Mounting a Power Supply Upside Down?

Just wondering, but is it perfectly ok to mount a power supply upside down inside a case? Any negative effects to do that?

I'm going to pickup a Antec P193 Case and a Coolmaster Pro 700 and I'm worried about air flow due to the case layout.
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  1. If the case needs the PSU to be mounted on the bottom, then you shoud mount it upside down so that the fan is not obstructed.
  2. The power supply is mounted in the bottom rear of the Antec P193 case. Install the power supply so that the psu fan is on the top side of the psu. It will be okay. Not sure if that is what you meant by upside down.
  3. If the P193 is anything like my P182, you can mount it either way. Theres a little bit of space on the bottom to allow for air flow either way you mount it.
  4. Actually my mistake there. Its the P183 I'm getting not the 193. But on the 182/3 you can mount it with the fan facing the bottom ok?
  5. The layout in the P193 appears to be the same or very similar to the P183. Install the power supply so that the psu fan is on the top side of the psu.
  6. those cases im pretty sure have vents on the bottom where the power supply mounts. also, they have enough space under the case so if your powersupply has 2 fans one pulling air in, that fan will bring cold air in and then be exhausted out the back of the case by the other fan. thus preventing the heat from the powersupply spreading to other areas of the case. but i guess if you only have one exhaust fan then you would want it mounted on top? am i correct in this thinking?
  7. I have a P182 case and there is about the same amount of clearance at the top and bottom of the power supply, so I don't think it would make all that much difference which way you mounted it. I have a non-modular power supply and I have stuffed the excess cables beneath the PSU, so I mounted it with the fan on the top.

    I also followed the recommendation at the Silent PC Review web site and duct-taped the grill openings surrounding the PSU cutout at the back of the case and removed the fan from the lower chamber. This way the PSU fan draws air from the front of the case through the lower chamber and keeps the hard drives cool. My PSU (an Enermax Pro 82+) has a variable speed fan and is extremely quiet, yet still draws more than enough air to keep three HDDs at 40C or less.
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