Need opinions for new video card.

First off here are some current system specs.

i5 760 oc'd to 4ghz
750w Gw cooler master psu
4gig corsair domi's ram
p7p55d asus mobo

so i am looking for a pretty beast video card for gaming specifically. budget is around 300-400 canadian. games that will be played, GW2 / D3 / BF3 possibly...

can't decide if i should go with nvidia card or ati..

6900's or gtx 570-580?

which brands are best right now?

asus? evga? giga? xfx? saph?

also OC will be done when the time is right but hoping i won't have to right away..

also do you guys feel i might need more ram? or should 4 gig be enough for now?

any and all help appreciated!!

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  1. ati is the better brand right now hands to which brand....some brands offer voltage control and more shaders....voltage for overclocking....shaders for for price you gotta shop around...there can be a difference of 75 bucks for the same type card but different brand but bottom line the more shaders the better
  2. Grab the MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III
  3. if you can wait a bit longer the next gen of gfx cards are comin out which will drop the price on the high end cards now.....But go with one GOOD card...less problems....less power= less headaches
  4. I suggest Asus personally.
    AMD or Nvidia is your preference. I am a die hard AMD guy, VERY happy with my cards.
    It mostly depends on the game you want to play. TechPowerUp! has great charts showing all the cards' performance in any given game.
    I'm currently running an Asus 6950 2g with the shader unlock. I'm very happy.
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