Audio compatibility issues

Ok, I've built a new system around a AMD based ASUS mobo, the M4A78-E. This was supposed to be an economical rig that would get me into the modern world. Everything is pretty ok-fine except audio.

The problem is that I can't get sound from my known good speakers when I plug them into the motherboard. FYI, the headphone jack connected to the mobo works.

I have pretty good existing speakers, Boston Audio BA-7500 Dolby 2.1 full digital. I called Boston Audio this morning and was told that the speakers were full digital and would only accept 16 bit at 48Khz.

I checked the on board Via audio chip on the mobo (Via VT17088 HD) and found out that it sends out a PCM digital audio signal at 24 bit, 192Khz.

I think this is the problem.

Question, could I buy a PCI audio card that would deliver full digital audio at 16bit, 48Khz. If so could you please recommend an audio card?

OR - Is it stupid to downgrade the audio on this nice new system. Is it time to get rid of these good but obsolete speakers? If you think so could you recommend speakers that would be compatible but not break the bank?

As always thanks for any and all input! You guys are the best.
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  1. What did you find out? Did you ever get them to work? I have the same problem.
  2. Nope! I never did. The 16 bit at 48Khz rate is obsolete. Had to buy a new speaker / subwoofer set - which was not in the budget!! Good luck! Went with a Plantronics mid line set up for speakers, which are not quite as good as the old Boston Acoustics speakers.
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