How good is Hybrid Crossfire X?

I was wondering if I could combine my ATI 4850 and my onboard 256 MB 3200 for better results. Is it worth it ? What really increases when I do a Hybrid Crossfire ?
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  1. If you already have the 4850 I would go ahead and try it. It wouldn't hurt anything. You should be able to enable it in CCC.
  2. The problem is I dont have the Crossfire cable. Is it like exclusive item that ships only with some products ? Will I have a chance to get one in the Local dealer ? Any idea of the cost?
  3. I don't think it needs a Crossfire cable, but upon further research I found that only the 2400 and 3400 series cards are compatible...
  4. Hybrid CrossFireX doesn't really boost performance much

    What is AMD Hybrid CrossFire?
    Its a technology from AMD which allows an integrated graphics and low-end discrete graphics in CrossFire mode.
    You are basically taking two very slow GPUs and making one not-so-slow GPU.
    This can only be done with AMD chipsets and AMD/ATI Graphics.

    So combining your HD 4850 with your onboard 3200 card won't give you a noticeable boost in performance,Hybrid helps on power savings mainly not performance.
  5. Maziar said:
    as boudy said,if u want to CrossFire and get a decent performance boost go for another HD 4850 :)

    :o I didn't post that but I thought about saying it. That's trippy...

    Sorry, I was never really interested in Hybrid Crossfire. :D
  6. I highly doubt it would benefit much, if it worked.
  7. boudy said:
    :o I didn't post that but I thought about saying it. That's trippy...

    Sorry, I was never really interested in Hybrid Crossfire. :D

    lol sorry :D i didn't read your post completely i looked a sec and though u were talking about CF :D sorry :) will edit my post :)
  8. It's kind of like asking if I bolt up a 3 1/2 horsepower briggs and straton lawnmower engine onto the back of my Harley, will it go faster?
    While adding the horsepower sounds fantastic on paper to people who know little about such things, in real life it ain't going do anything to speed you up.
  9. You cannot hybrid CF a 4850. The only cards that can hybrid are the equivalent desktop cards to teh chipset GPU. The only hybrid compatable cards are 3470, 3450, and 2400.

    As to how good it is.. it is a waste of time.
  10. Howdy folks, I'm an old man ands not nearly as informed as most of you guys. Anyway, in the last post it was said that you can not hybrid CF a 4850. That conflicts with the information I received from AMD and Gigabyte. I just assembled this new computer (and it doesn't come close to the beasts that I see on this site) and I'm moving away from SLI. No real reason other than to try things. I have the 790 chipset and onboard graphics. The onboard is ATI HD 3300. I have an Asus 4870 on the way. I was told by Gigabyte that I can run hybrid crossfire. Two things come to mind though. One is a general rule of life that if you combine something of great quality with something of low quality, more often you denigrate the higher quality rather than raise the lower by the boot-straps. The other thing is common sense and has already been brought up. That is the analogy of putting a lawn mower engine on your Harley. It's just not going to go any faster. Anyway, I just don't know. I really just wanted to pass on what I was told. You do not have to match chipsets like you do with SLI. But, having an inquisitive nature, now I have to know. My Dark Knight should ride in any day now. I was just going to disable the onboard graphics, but now I have to try the hybrid crosfire. Darn you guys!!!! Ha! Ha! I will let you folks know if it works and how it works. Take care, Brad Haskin
  11. According to the latest compatability charts I have seen hybrid crossfire only works with the cards I stated.

    At any rate, crossfire will only be as fast as an equivalent crossfire between the two slowest cards.

    Hybrid crossfire with a 4870, even if it does work, would be vastly inferior to the 4870 alone.

    It might work, but usually corssfire will only work with relatively similar parts. A 4800 will not crossfire with a 4600 for example, certainly not with a 3000 series card. I would really be surprised if you were able to crossfire with the onboard 3300.
  12. Good afternoon,
    I did some more readin' up on compatability. The charts definitely say NO CAN DO!! A few statements say yes. And, I did make a couple of phone calls before I thought. Thinking about it though, you are right. And the charts have to be right. It just does't make sense. Regardless, you have definitely reminded me that even if it would work, it would not help. In all likelyhood it would hurt. If I do try the hybrid, it will just be to see if it will work. I will never "run" my computer that way.
    Thank you so much for the input. Here in my first day on this forum I have already learned a ton (in this thread and I've been reading others). I also learned that in building even a moderate gamer (I had planned to get another similar 4870 card for my birthday) I should have done more original research on motherboards. I have a 790GX chipset. The Northbridge only has a total of 20 PCI-e lanes...16 for graphics. So, even if I add another card the graphics will be limited to running 8 x8. For crossfire I believe the 790FX is the way to go. Again, I would like to thank you kind folks for your help. You're stuck with me now! Take care...
  13. So what about the new HD4200 video chipsets?I was wanting to get a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H board and it says it is hybrid crossfire x compatible.Can I get one of the HD4000 series boards with it?
  14. I am quite certain that the 4850 wo not work. I have HD3300 onboard graphics and I am only compatible with the HD 3400 series cards. I tried to look up the 3200 and could not find it on the chart. But, I sderiously doubt it. It is hidden in my motherboard manual (Gigabyte MB). But, to be sure I sent an email to Gigabyte support. They reply within a da...time zones you know! I almost bought a 4870.
  15. Hi bradhaskin.

    I'm curious, what Gigabyte answered? I'm not interested about adding couple more frames/horsepowers to what 4890 gives. But I'm more interested about using HDMI and VGA outputs that motherboard with integrated graphics has, but 4890 does not. And for example when just browsing the net or watching movies, that more power hungry 4890 could just idle there. So It's not about adding power, but if it works and won't cut the performance, and brings some features and car-analogy like fuel savings when using only the integrated graphics.
  16. Microsoft did not endorse this, to many things to go wonky outweighs any real benefits.
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