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Hi All

Just picked up a 2nd hand HDD which I plan to use for storing multimedia (movies, Music etc).

Due to the instability of my fiscal situation (I have no money to pay EXPENSIVE technicians lol) I'm going to attempt to install this myself.

I have little (none) hardware experience......

Can someone give me a heads up on any precautions I need to take to avoid frying my new HDD or my computer?

The drive appears to have both IDE and SATA connectors, which should I use?

There is a free SATA port on the MOBO and I have a SATA cable. There also appears to be a free output from the power supply.

I understand taking the time to answer basic questions like this is painful but your help will be greatly appreciated.
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    1) Turn off your PSU and unplug it from the computer

    2) Connect the hard drive to an open slot in your case.

    3) Connect the SATA cable to your motherboard than your hard drive.

    4) Connect the SATA power connector to your hard drive.

    5) Plug the PSU back in, turn it back on and boot your PC back.

    After you install the drive, follow this thread to get the hard drive seen in MY COMPUTER...
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  3. Thanks so much for this reply.

    Have just installed my new 1.5TB drive (following your instructions) with no dramas and i'm busy loading CD after CD of photos onto it now.....
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