Will this 22" monitor work with my Radeon Video card?

I am interested in buying this new monitor for my PC:
Dell S2209W Flat Panel 22" LCD Monitor

# Full HD 1920 x 1080 (optimal) resolution
# 16:9 aspect ratio on a 22-inch widescreen (21.5-inch viewable)
# 22-inch LCD widescreen
# 16:9 Aspect Ratio

What I am trying to figure out now is if my current video card will be able to support it.

From what I can tell, I currently have:
RADEON X300 SE (Ox5B60)

In my display settings, it currently says it can view up to 1600x1200.

Will this new monitor work for me? If there's anymore info I can provide, I will.

Many thanks.
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  1. Thank you!
    Why then, on my computer now, does it not give that option? Is it because the current monitor isn't configured to go that high?

    I used the computer for basic computer work, extensive Photosop, and some video editing using Premiere Elements. I'm a graphics person.
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