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im in the process of building a Micro ATX system and need help on choosing a MOBO + CPU + RAM combo.

The case i have is the Silverstone SGO4 (the one without the massive handel :D)

one of my main aims is for the pc to be energy efficient and for this iv decied to build around the Nvidia Hybrid power technology with energy efficiant components.

I was thinking the latest AM3 955 quad core chip, but as there arent a good selection of am3 / ddr3 matx so im not sure if it will work well with am2+.

Also if possible id like to have the cpu mobo and ram running at its optimum fbs.

any help will be much appriciated

thanks :)
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  1. anyone :(
  2. Do not use an nVidia chipset with an AMD processor. If you want an energy efficient build then you shouldnt be looking into a quad core, or if you really must look into some of the energy efficient ones from intel. Is there a particular reason why you are looking into energy efficiency? If you want to do a hybrid graphics solution the AMD 790GX motherboard is capable of it.
  3. The reason i wanted to use the Hybrid power is that i dont want my graphics cards working constantly when not required, it makes my room hot lol :(
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