Accidently slightly bent a pin on my asus p6t6

Is it going to be OK!? Oh man i'm such an r-tard.
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  1. Biiiig mistake dude.

    I bent a pin on a Pentium D mobo once... and they have WAY less pins than 1366.
    I tried very carefully to straighten it out but ended up bending more, and had to chuck the board out. The shop couldn't/wouldn't fix it.

    All i can say is be very careful if you do it yourself. Get a mad magnifying glass, good light and some tiny tweezers or a pin etc. Find out which way the pins run (their grain if you like). As they are so small their 'grain' can be deceiving. You think ur bending it the right way and u kill it more.

    Good luck.
  2. I only bent them very slightly, I'm wondering if I could just leave it...?
  3. Once clamped, the pins should leave a slight impression in the cpu.
    You could clamp the cpu and check it, making sure all pins are making an indent.
    If that looks correct you could try with power.
    See indents.

    -Clamping a damaged pin could destroy it.
    -You may miss something and the pin could not make contact.
    -Complications arise from a non contact pin or pins touching each other. this can result in a simple non function to a blown cpu and mobo.

    So really, possible outcomes include a fully working system, a non working system and a destroyed cpu and mobo, maybe worse. I was lucky enough to have no damaged components when testing the faulty board.
  4. Ok here's what you do:

    1. Get a .7 or .9 Mechanical pencil.

    2. Remove the lead.

    3. Insert the opening of the pencil on to the pin and slowly straighten it.

    This worked on a AMD 939 and S478 CPUs.
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