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I'm new to aftermarket cooling, and I cannot seem to find the answers to a few of my ideas. I purchased a 600t white edition and find my temps higher than I wanted. My cpu is i7-2600k and I am using a EVGA 570 (stock) GPU. I plan to later get a h70 for my processor but right now I would like to lower the temps with just some modifications to my air cooling setup. I got a good deal on some Ultra-Kaze 3000 RPM 120mm fans from scythe and my idea is to place 4 of them on the side mesh panel and connect them to the 600t fan controller. Take the stock corsair fans off the controller and place them on my mobo. My logic is that the stock fans don't seem to move a lot of air anyway so running them at full all the time would be ok, and the 3000rpm Kaze's are a bit loud so placing them on the controller I can alter for cooling or noise on the fly. I can't find a lot of opinions on fans on the side mesh though, but seems like a lot of people replace the stock 200mm fans with x2 120mm fans. It seems like a waste to me to just replace those fans when I could set them on the side mesh, does the side mesh disrupt the air flow? Is that the reason it seems to be an ignored option or is it because people want to keep the window so they see their rig? The window doesn't matter to me. Will the 600t's fan controller have issues if I place 4 3000rpm 120mm fans instead of the stock fans?

Or if I am way off or you have a suggestion I am open to ideas.
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  1. The problem with side fans is that you need to try all the options and choose which one gives the best results.

    I have my systems in Antec 900 cases. I have discovered that my system temps are better without the fans.
  2. A few results...
    I placed all 4 Ultra-Kaze fans on the side panel mesh as intake, exhaust and half intake half exhaust using the fan controller. I saw no drop in my temps and believe its due to the disruption of air flow they are causing. I removed them and reapplied the window panel. I than replaced the rear exhaust fan that was stock corsair with a ultra-kaze, and I placed a ultra-kaze in the optical bay in front as intake. Placed those 2 ultra-kaze's on the fan controller and left the stock top and front fans on the mobo. I saw a drop in temp of 2-3 Celcius. I like that so I am keeping that and plan to also see if replaced the top 200mm fan with 2 ultra-kaze's exhaust gives me any more of a drop. I remember seeing a post of a guy who did the same as I did in regards to placing a 120mm fan in the optical bay as intake, but I couldn't find that post anymore, I was curious to how he/she secured the fan, I just used 4 zip ties and it work ok, but I would love to have a cleaner set up.
  3. Oh I forgot to mention, jsc thank you for the reply and it looks like you were dead on accurate heh. Since this is my first time doing this sorta thing I am curious and plan to try many setups just to see, if you have any literature or links that give a good outlook on cooling that would be appreciated.
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