Strange system shutdown, is it the MB's fault

I just built my first system and below is the components I have:
CPU AMD Phenom II X3 720P
MB Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H
Mem G.Skill DDR3 1333
Video HIS 4830 512M
PSU Antec EA650
Case Coolermaster RC-690

Strangely, my wife told me when she plugged in a USB headphone to the case front USB port, the system shuts down by itself (black screen and you can only power off and restart). This does not happen every time but it happened 4 times during the last two days and I'm leaning to believe it's because of the electrostats my wife has (the last time it happened, I can almost see the spark and the USB wasn't even actually plugged in, it just barely touch the metal part of the USB port). After reboot my system still runs fine. So, if it's because of electrostat, should a normal MB behave like this? I don't know if I should RMA it to newegg for a replacement. And if my MB is not defective, is there anything I can do to avoid this from happening again (I already tell my wife to touch the metal part of the case to discharge herself before plugging in any connection)? Another concern is if there is anything wrong with the cable that come with me case which connects the front USB port to the MB.
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  1. usb jacks have one ground sharing two wires for the plugin.
    check and see if there are two...

    some have two and seperated, the claim that all things plugged in find either ground. As long as one is plugged in.

    you could have a crap motherboard with no filters, expecting the case side of usb jacks to have a filter. In my case, it has a filter on the case side...and the mobo most often.

    check and see if wired correctly at the motherboard.

    this thread seems an exact repeat of the past....
  2. Hi bgd73

    Thank you very much for the help. Could you please explain it a little more in detail about what I should check? I don't quite understand what do you mean check if wired correctly at the motherboard. Do you mean the wires of my USB cable that come with the case are not connected to the correct pins on the MB USB port?

    I did posted another one about system strange reboot and I figured out that it's because my case's rest button has some malfunction. Too bad my first system has so many strange problems.
  3. Sometimes theres a small circuit board behind your panel switches that everything runs through. You may need to pull the face off your case and remove the circuit panel and look for a unsecured loose wire that missed it's solder point. Or since these usually screw into the case maybe there's electronics near the screw itself thats causing a short. Good luck
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