IDE to SATA converter did not work

I installed the IDE to SATA converter power on the satat drive and also power on the converter but it did not detected the SATA drive
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  1. need model of converter, motherboard and harddrive.

    if its a new hard drive you might need to enable its jumper for the orginal sata spec not the newer sata spec.

    and sometimes they just dont work.

    you could return the hard drive and buy an IDE one.. best thing to do probably
  2. A lot of those wont work if you are using the drive as the boot drive, however if it's not a boot drive you just make it the master and add the adapter.
  3. in the bios it has to be set to ide not ahci or raid also i use one that works came with one of my abit boards ?
    and did you plug in the small power cable that usually plugs in to the floppy drive into the adapter then the regular
    one to the harddrive
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