GTX 260 or GTX 260 Core 216?

im getting one of those card , but wich one? need help
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  1. gtx 260 core 216 has 216 stream processors and the first one 192
  2. gtx 260 core 216 is faster average 5-6 fps in some games but you wont see a big difference
  3. thanks but i still need some more diffrences!
  4. i might get an ATI card instead
  5. ATI 4870 1GB is better than GTX260 Core 192 and has similar performance of the GTX 260 Core 216...

    The number of cores(216/ 192) should be there in the specs on the box...
  6. Why buy old tech if it's just a few dollars ($10) cheaper? Go with the GTX 260 Core 216. The difference become more apparent at higher resolutions if you are now gaming or plan to game on monitors 22, 24 inch and larger.
  7. Hmmmm.i guess the 260 is out of the question.maybe the 4870 or the 216?
  8. how much is a radeon 4870?
  9. never mind! thanks for the for the help!
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