AMD PH II x3 720 cooling solution

I do not know the first thing about aftermarket CPU cooling. I read the different size of the CPU makes a huge different on what kind of aftermarket cooling product you purchase. Can you please help me find a nice affordable cooling solution for my new AMD PHENOM II x3 720 2.8 Ghz socket AM3 95w Triple Core processor.

Link -

I was also wondering how over clockable this processor is and how difficult the process would be having never done over clocking before. And does properly over clocking a processor shorten the life of the CPU?
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    you can find it at amazon

    btw, clips right on to amd bracket, no back plate
  2. HDT-S1283, Sunbeam CCF, Mugen 2 are all great for the price. Get Megahalems or a True if you're budget allows.
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