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Hey guys. I've been picking out computer parts for a while and plan to order an build myself a new computer. I plan to base it on the AMD's new "Dragon Platform". I want to get these parts ordered within the next 10 days or so.

I'll be using this computer for everything. Most importantly games, HD video, music, internet, and office productivity. I plan to lightly overclock. I don't have much experience with OC'ing so I would especially appreciate feedback on what and how much I should overclock these parts.

Budget for me isn't a huge issue, my Dad will pay up front and I'll pay him back with my weekly paychecks, and he won't charge interest. I'll pay him back when I pay him back. I think the parts below come to $1000-$1250. To be honest I haven't actually added all these part costs up.

I haven't picked out all my peripherals yet (Keys, mouse, microphone, sound system). I need to check the basement and see what I already have ;) . Keyboards and mice seem like things you'd rather hold and see in person, right? I'll just visit my local Bestbuy or something.

Ok, here is all my parts for the main system. I added links to the page from which I plan to buy them.

Asus M4A79T Deluxe Mobo (I already own this one, new! Not much option there)

Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition

2x2GB Corsair PC12800 RAM (BOught this with the Mobo a few weeks ago)

2x 4850 Radeon HIS 1 GB PCI-E x16 (Two-Way CrossFire X)

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1 TB SATA HDD

Hitachi Deskstar 320 GB SATA HDD

Lite-On iHES206 SATA Blu-Ray Reader, DVD Burner

Lite-On iHAS324-08 SATA CD/DVD Burner

Antec P182 ATX Case (with Power Supply combo deal)

Antec TruePower 750w

Bytecc BT-145 Floppy Drive

Acer 1920 x 1080 23" LCD

That's all for now. I plan to run Windows 7 RC x64 on my new PC. I can pretty much assume all this equipment is x64 compatible right?

I plan to add a TV Tuner when I get digital cable. Never bothered to upgrade my subscription for the whole federal analogue switch thing. Also, I selected the system out with good upgrade-ability in mind. I'd like to be able to stick in more RAM, new GPU's ect. in a few years. Shouldn't be a problem with DDR3 and AM3 interfaces, right?

My biggest concern, what I need the most advice on - is cooling. Firstly, I plan to use the included retail CPU fan, will that allow for some OC? How much? Also, I understand the P182 has really good cooling, will it be enough for all this equipment? What about for OC'ing the CPU, RAM, and GPU's?

Also, what about my video cards. Will they bottleneck my system? Am I getting a good deal?

I would like an efficient, decently cool, quiet system. Will this work out?

Thanks a lot guys.
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  1. Yes, it will.

    You can overclock your CPU a good deal with the stock cooler (people are claiming numbers in the 3.7ghz area), but to squeeze a few more hundred megahertz out of your CPU I recommend you purchase an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU. Although someone else is going to have to recommend something, since I'm not familiar with any AM2/AM3 heatsinks. (I would love to recommend the Mugen 2, but its a bit too big for your case.)

    If you're willing to cough up a few more dollars, the WD 640gb Caviar Black is still one of the best hard drives you can get. High density platters on 32MB's of cache. Can't really complain.

    And really, at that performance range, I'd really considering investing in a PAIR of harddrives for some RAID, because I'll tell you this now; your harddrives will be the biggest bottleneck in your system when it comes to little things like Load times, file extractions/encoding, moving/copying files, etc...

    I'd be surprised if those products turned out to be in the $1200 range. Unless you're subtracting the mobo which you already have. Then okay, maybe $1200. I'm too lazy to do the calculations, but just by "feel," that's $1500 including the monitor.
  2. Yeah, you're right about about the pricing, its gonna be more like $1500 including the mobo. Not a concern. Anyhow, I have been trying to decide if I want RAID or not. I was thinking possibly a RAID 5 set up with 3x500GB HDD's. Any thoughts?
  3. If you really need a floppy drive then you should get something that also has a multi-card reader, like this

    BYTECC BT-146 All-in-one USB2.0 for card reader and UPS ports Card Reader w/ Floppy Drive - Retail

    For the Hard drive I'm not sure why you have that second, smaller, 320GB drive. I think you should just go with a WD 1TB Black. If you need a drive for backups an external drive is usually more convenient.
  4. I've never owned a memory card or UPS-port devices. Judging by the consumer reviews for that product, seems like a bad buy. I chose the BYTECC BT-145 because I have lots of old floppys and would like to recover what junk might be on them. My mobo and case all support one 3.25" FD so for $8 why not right? Besides, I thought I'd pay some respect to legacy equipment right?

    Point taken about the 320GB HDD. I had it in mind for backups, but I guess an external one might be a better idea? Still considering RAID 5 instead of the 1TB drive.
  5. Yeah, the WD Caviar Black looks like a pretty good harddrive. How about 3 of those in RAID 5? $225 isn't cheap though. Still looking for responses, please! Hoping to order here soon.
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