ATT DSL Service with Linksys WRT54G Router

Hi Everyone,

I need some help connecting my router to an ATT DSL Service. I moved into a new apartment and told ATT to send me just the Westel Modem. The modem lighted up fine and was able to connect to my laptop and then it downloaded a lot of ATT stuff like ATT diagnostics and we also created the ATT username and password. Next I took the cable from the laptop and plugged it into the WRT54G and selected Automatic DHCP connection. On the router, power light, WLAN and Port 1 flash. Internet is solid green. I then try to connect to the internet but unable to connect.

I called ATT and tech support told me to bridge the Westel modem. We tried this and I was unable to connect. When we do this, only the power, DSL and Ethernet lights are green. Black light for Activity and Internet.

ATT then told me to call Linksys. I chatted with Linksys and they told me since my WRT54G is over 2 years old, no free support for you and suggested that I call ATT.

These are the steps that I have done.

1. Changed routers IP to
2. Went into the Westel Modem and selected the bridge option but unable to connect with the WRT54G to the internet.
3. Tried PPOE from the Router and entered the correct username and password, still unable to connect to internet.
4. Tried DHCP but unable to connect to internet

I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Thank You,
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  1. 1st off I'd un-bridge that connection
    find the router reset button (small hole in it that you need a paperclip to push) push and hold for about 20 seconds (max - router will probably make a noise or flash itslights to show this is done)

    setup router and PC only - no modem for internet connection.

    Does your PC get an IP address of the router? have you made any changes to your windows IP settings? if yes - restore these to default.

    when the PC gets an IP address - you can get its default gateway and open web access to the router.

    Now connet modem to router and wait a reasonable amount of time for it all to detect - 2 mins max

    if none of that solves your issue - I'd start trouble shooting hardware, you're probably looking at a damaged router at this point.

    Good luck

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