ECS P67H2-A "Black Extreme"

HI guys, I am trying to find any info on these main boards, on how well or not they overclock? And the "Lucid" chip. Any info is greatly appreciated. Can only find stuff on the P67H2-A2. Wont listen to the FLUFF! on the ECS website.I plan to use (if purchased that is) with a i72600k. PLEASE HELP. BEN
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  1. There are many reviews on the net to be seen, all in all it seems fairly solid.

    General things
    Single phase memory power , may hurt long term memory overclocking.
    Limited memory overclocking options in the EFI bios(there is a windows until that helps with this).

    So if you are not pushing the memory hard since your cpu is unlocked, it should work.

    Google is your friend
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