My first SSD, please help me out!

So I bought a Crucial c300 128gb sata3 ssd (and samsung f3 1TB hdd).
Already installed os on ssd and i must say i loads AMAZINGLY FAST )
but do I install games on ssd? (cause a friend said that I should not install my games on ssd it will make ssd read and write all the time which is really bad for my ssd)
Is this true? What shall I do?
Also I heard about RAID but still could not understand what it is! (reading the FAQ article)
Thanks for your help, this is my first build
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  1. Tecmo34 wrote the nearly-definitive guide to SSD tweaking; find it & read it (OK, maybe I'll get not-lazy and find a link).

    Install the games on it - the idea is to load fast, why shouldn't games load fast? While it's true that massive writing will degrade an SSD over time, huge amounts of random reading are why the good Lord gave them to us.

    What OS are you running? If it isn't Win7, your SSD will soon slow down and make your life miserable.

    Edit: Look here:
  2. SSD loading wow takes 5 seconds.
    HHD loading wow takes 50 seconds.
    SSD are for fast program response
  3. Hi.

    Installing the games on your SSD only gives you killer load times, anything else. And not, it's don't damage your SSD.

    RAID: Redundant Array of Independent Disks, more info: here
  4. saint19 said:

    RAID: Redundant Array of Independent Disks, more info: here

    Flame War! I assert that it originally stood for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, highlighting that you could improve overall performance and reliability while using cheap disks. The only reason I'm posting this is to start a war over a question with no definitive answer. As Lou Costello said, "I'm a ba-a-ad boy."

    Edit: OMG, I just started a flamewar with the Moderator!
  5. WyomingKnott,

    You have some balls I tell you what!
  6. RAID 0 is something enthusiasts used to use in order to speed up their HDDs. imho we should never have done this and also imo it is no longer relevant with today's SDDs.

    RAID 1 through... 50... 60... used in servers, is something developed to protect files by keeping more than one copy on more than one drive. Also, many drives in a monster array will necessarily speed things up too.

    I'm with WyomingKnott. And not just cause I cheer for the underdog. I just like the 'real worldedness' of it all. That's how we talk and think. bunch of cheap drives in a pile can be made to go fast and offer protection with redundancy.
  7. I would go for a raid 0 Vertex 3 120 gb xD
    Seeya boot logo.
    Seeya time loser aka loading.


    Seeya wallet xD
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