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I have a Silicon Image SIL3112A PCI card adapter for SATA drives installed in a HP DK668A tower with it's newest BIOS update. I'm running XP and loaded an older set of Silicon Image windows drivers during setup. The PCI adapter works fine with a 160 Gb drive. I have another 2 TB WD hard drive that when plugged into the adapter causes the computer to "hang" during boot.
I have tried loading the newest SI drivers during windows installation but they cause windows to constantly reboot during the installation process.
My question is: Is there a bios/firmware flash that needs to be updated in the PCI card itself that is causing a conflict with the new third party Windows drivers as well as the boot issue with the 2TB drive connected?

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  1. Hi Glen any luck with this? I have the same issue. Haven
  2. maxwellmac99 said:
    Hi Glen any luck with this? I have the same issue. Haven

    I did finally get it to work with Windows 7 ultimate SP1. If memory serves me right I had to install the newest 4.4.02 bios for the pci card chip, AMD am29f010b.
    I also think windows asks for third party raid drivers during setup and the Silicon Image disk I made needed to be inserted at that time. The driver utility should show up in the W7 control panel after installation.
    At any rate my memory is a little fuzzy since it's been a year or two but it did work. I initially had a 2TB and a 300GB drive connected but had some sort of problem with the OS on the 300GB crashing and eventually just disconnected it and used W7 installed on the 2TB drive.

  3. Excellent thanks Glenn I'll give that a go.
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