Q9550 overclocking?

CPU: Q9550 with Zalman CNPS 9700 cooler (currently 2.83GHz standard)
mobo: P5Q deluxe
RAM: 4GB of corsair 4-4-4-12
graphics card: Sapphire 4870
Case: Antec 900 with additional side fan

Hi guys,

I have just purchased a sapphire 5870 extreme around an hour ago and was looking at how my CPU could bottleneck my new graphics card. After some research i found that the card could be bottle necked considerably unless my CPU is at around 3.6Ghz.

1. Is the statement true and the card would be bottle necked unless my cpu achieves these speeds?
2. How would my current system fair with overclocking and what sort of overclock should i be looking to achieve.

I have a basic knowledge of overclocking although not extensive so consider me as a complete beginner in the area.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Sorry ive purchased a 5850 extreme not a 5870
  2. I suggest you get to Studying, as overclocking the Q9550 is not an easy task but definitely doable, I had mine to 4ghz on air cooling, which was difficult to achieve.

    3.83ghz a solid 1G overclock and pretty much any clock below that, is much easier to reach and maintain, but you need to learn how to get there by studying the available guides and resources to learn what you need to know to overclock it.
  3. Quick update. I have overclocked my cpu to 3.4GHz (not a huge increase i know but something i feel comfortable with) and under a full load test using prime95 im getting temps of core 0:65-66, core 1:57-58, core 2: 62, core 3: 60-61. The cpu has a voltage of 1.24. Are these temperatures decent?
  4. Fiddled with a few fan settings now at core 0: 59 degrees, core 1: 51 degrees, core 2: 56 degrees, core 3: 54 degrees, CPU temp 47 using speed fan to analyse and prime95 to test
  5. If I am remembering correctly the CPU Thermal Throttles at 72.6c, so you're OK for now.
  6. ran intel burn test through 10 runs using 8 threads and 100 meg below maximum memory and highest cpu temp was core 0: at 70c
  7. Not bad. I don't think you NEED to hit 3.6GHz, but every bit will help. Your temps are under 60, so keep it there.
  8. 4Ryan6 said:
    If I am remembering correctly the CPU Thermal Throttles at 72.6c, so you're OK for now.


    With a Q9550, assuming that you know what your doing, anything over 3.5 GHz or so is going to depend a lot on the individual CPU chip that you have.

    I have a Q9550 running at 3.6 GHz. It will not go faster while maintaining stability. ryan simply has a better chip than I do. :(
  9. jsc said:
    ryan simply has a better chip than I do.

    I think the appropriate word is had, I believe it may have died on me either the CPU or M/B I'm not sure which, but seeing as how far I pushed the ole girl, it's probably the CPU.

    @ChaosRapture, ere on the side of caution regarding CPU voltage, too much temp is forgivable, too much voltage is not.
  10. My Q9550 (E0) goes to 3.6ghz on stock voltages. I can get it to 4ghz, but the stress on my mobo and everything isn't quite worth it (to me) for the couple hundred megahertz over 3.8ghz.
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