Virgin Pc build (Gaming $1500)

Hello all..

It's my first post so please be nice ;-)

I have decided to build my first computer and after much research (with a budget in mind) I think I have decided on my parts. I wondered if anyone would care to leave me any feedback on if its any good.

Here goes..


General stuff (internet/home)

Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Monitor

UK based, but not too concerned which one's - E buyer looks ok


i7 920 Processor
Asus P6T deluxe v2 Mobo
Sapphire 4850x2 2gb Vid card
Antec 1200 case
Corsair 750w psu
Patriot viper ddr3 memory (1600mhz) gb 6x2
western digital hd 1tb


Anything you would change improve??

Thanks gu6
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  1. I wouldn't buy an Antec 1200, the 900 or 900 II would be much better value. I hope you mean 3X4GB of memory, the i7 runs triple-channel. Good choice on the video card. If you are only gaming, consider switching to a Phenom II 940, an ASUS 790FX motherboard, and 4GB DDR2-1066. If you do alot of media encoding or rendering, stick to the i7. Since you will be running Crossfire, the i7 will give you better framerates, but it will be about $100 more. Your call.
  2. Updates with correct format.


    Cheers guys
  3. what resolution is your monitor? the 4850x2 is a fine card depending on your resolution. I too would pick up a 900 or 902 over the 1200 unless you are really worried about cable management or have really big hands that don't fit into a mid-tower case. I noticed you spoke of overclocking (maybe), but didn't include an aftermarket HSF. Look into the Noctuna or the Xigmatek Dark Knight for the socket 1366 platform.
  4. In 2 months technogly could change completly lol, so its kinda early to start creating it.
  5. Astrodudepsu... thanks for the comments.

    The Reason I went with the 1200 is because its big and I can add stuff to it at a later date. Plus the vid card is huge apparently - do you know it will fit in the 900??
    Also.. whats as regards to hsf - do the 2 you mention just fit straight onto the mobo?? which one would be best??

  6. A 4850X2 will fit in the 900 with no problem, but why that card with your budget? Give it 2 months and thing will change. We will all hopefully see a new line up from both AMD and Nivdia. As of now a 4870x2 would be a good choice or a 285 SLI set up

    Cpu is a good choice
    Psu is good
    HDD is good if you need data protection do raid +1 seeing how 1tb drives have gotten pretty cheap
  7. Guys... just a quick one....

    For gaming would I best to get the AMD P2 455 or the i7. After reading the comments on the new i7 article on here yesterday there seems to be a bit of banter about the i7 is just a bit better for things like video editing - which I don't need and the AMD chip is better for gaming...

    If so I need to go back to the drawing board for the MOBO also!!

  8. Its inappropriate to start building now when you're buying in two months!

    You might as well wait for i5 to come out and see how the market reacts. You can probably get everything @ a cheaper price + get better components.
  9. Ok I get that and if the parts are cheaper than great.. but if any 'new' parts hit the market chances are they will be a premium price and older parts (like the ones I am eying up ) will drop in price - which is great news for me.

    This however does not mean I can't plan which parts I am going to buy in 7 weeks time.

    The i5 does not interest me.
  10. i7 will be better for you. PII which i have does fine but i7 cost slightly more but give you a lot more performance and better in multicard setup. In the end go with what ever will suits you the most or get the best deal.
  11. Any more suggestions guys???
  12. If you don't want to lose the i7, everything else is fine. The i7 is a lot better at video encoding and such, and a little better at gaming.
  13. Everything looks great except for one thing that no one's mentioned: you have listed that you are going to get 6x2GB of RAM. This is overkill. 6GB is more than enough for modern games; you will see NO improvement if you get 12GB. Eventually, you will probably have to install more RAM, but it's a waste of money right now.
  14. ok thanks guys. Still not sure about i7/p2 955 but will sit on it for a couple of weeks and then decide.

    Thanks for all the help
  15. Personally, I see little reason to build on a ph2 955. It's total cost is too close to an i7. I'd go with an AM2+ 940 ($190, DDR2) or a 720 ($140, DDR3) instead.
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