HDMI Audio Device missing?

I'm trying to hook my laptop up to an HDMI TV and things have been fine until I got my computer back from the shop and my ATI HDMI Audio device seems to be missing. It shows up on the device manager but not when I try to change audio devices on the Sounds menu, and instead it defaults to the laptop speakers (RealTek High Definition Audio). Anyone have a fix?

Vista x64 SP1
Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.80GHz

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  1. You say the device shows up in Device Manager. Does it show up with either the yellow "!" or "?" ? If so, you need to reinstall the driver.
  2. No it shows up as normal in Device Manager. I've checked for an updated driver with now luck.
  3. On mine, I have to use "Set Default" to change to the HDMI audio. And to change back to the speakers, I have to use "Set Default" again. Hope that hleps.
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