[ATI] Radeon 4870 Second DVI port not working

So I have recently built my first desktop computer and everything has been working relatively fine; however, I can't get one of the DVI ports on my Radeon 4870 to work.

When I first booted the system I received some strange post error, after searching the net I noticed an that it might have something to do with the graphics card. I reseated it and the computer posted without a problem. However, I did not get a monitor picture. I rebooted with the monitor in the other DVI port, and it worked. I have installed the OS and Drivers and everything is working fine except for that second DVI port. Windows 7 recognizes that there is a second port, but when I plug in a monitor, it does not recognize that a display is attached. There is no on-board graphics on my Mobo, and the Catylist CC that Radeon makes does not manage displays in windows 7 (according to their tech support).

My question is: What is the most likely cause? I suspect its the video card and its just faulty. Could it be the mobo even though everything else seems to be working perfectly? I appreciate your help!
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  1. I wanted to add that I just tried the card in a second ePCI slot with the same results. This is making me believe that it is the card not the mobo problem. In addition, when plugged into the second DVI port the monitor does not get a signal but knows its plugged in (aka it doesn't say "check cable").
  2. Problem was resolved by replacing the graphics card. The system is working great now!!
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