Memory reserved on windows 7 - WTF???

hi all ok need some help with this one
i knew that windows 7 shares memory for computer graphics, and i have 2 hd 5870s, but this is a little, how shold i say, greedy

4gb reserved, that aint right at all. is there a way i can reduce this back to say 1gb dont know how to do this so some help would be good, thank you!!

oh and hard faults... does this mean that something is wrong with my memory? I have 3x2gb corsair 1600mhz 1366
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  1. I'm not so sure why yours would have a Hardware Reserved section as your mobo is guaranteed to be pretty recent. It might be some BIOS setting that limits the memory.

    The last I've seen this is on old boards that are physically capped to 3.3GB.
  2. I've noticed a trend of Windows 7 reserving far more RAM then it should on some systems...I would imagine its for kernal use (simmilar to how 32-bit windows reserves 2GB out of 4GB for the kernal by default)
  3. ok odd, ive removed all the memory sticks and reordered them and now its all good. it was like it was compleatly random, will post again if it reocures
  4. me too got same problem...pls help me if u r get is my mail id:
  5. I know its a dead post but I had the same issue and Google sent me here first so I want to help the next person with this cutesy of andrern2000.

    Run Msconfig then go under the "boot" tab.
    1. click "advanced options" button
    2. uncheck "Maximum memory"
    3. reboot
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