Dell E521 & AMD 64x2 5200 brisbane

just recently i bought an AMD 64x2 5200 brisbane CPU to upgrade my Dell E521. I updated the BIOS to the most recent version which is 1.1.11. I install the new CPU and hit the power button to turn on my computer. Once i hit the power button though, nothing happens at all. It doesn't boot up to the BIOS or anything. It's as if my computer isn't connected to a power outlet. So, i switch off my CPU to my old AMD 64x2 3800 and here i am with a perfectly fine, working computer.

I read somewhere that Brisbane CPUs dont work on Dell E521s but i have also read somewhere else that even stronger CPUs such as the AMD 64x2 6000 brisbane successfully worked on other Dell E521s.

Could anyone tell me why this is so? and if there's a solution to make it work please help! :)
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  1. If you have the latest bios update, then you're out of luck. It's all according to the bios and the voltage specs of the dell board. If you are serious about using the 5200, you might want to swap out the components to a low priced atx case, such as the rosewill series sold at newegg. Sometimes they offer free shipping, which saves about $18. Sign up for their email promos. Your old dell board is btx; chances are that another btx board may not run your cpu either. Dell usually gets the latest boards for their systems, but btx was discontinued about 2 years ago. I use a biostar N61PB-M2S nvidia 6150 micro atx board, which will run any 95 watt or lower amd am2+ or am3 cpu with a bios flash. It sells for about $49.99 at Frys and newegg.
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