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RAM COMPATIBLITY pc3200 vs pc2700

My mom has an eMachine T2682. It is currently running pc2700, but I've been told that it will run pc3200 at the lower pc2700 speed. Before I purchase the faster ram, I'd like to know for sure that it's compatible.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Yes, you can run PC2700 and PC3200 together.
    It should default to the lower speed.

    According to eMachines, Your System runs PC2100 and according to This Site it maxes out at 1Gb.
    With that in mind I am assuming you only have two RAM slots.
    If that is the case, a pair of These 512Mb DIMMs for $35 is what you need.
  2. According to eMachines, this is the info on the
    CPU : Intel® Celeron® 2.60GHz Processor 128KB L2 cache & 400MHz FSB
    Chipset : Intel® 845GV chipset

    As I stated previously, its currently running pc 2700.

    According to ,
    it will run pc2700.

    I know that pc2700 and 3200 can be run together, and I have read that the 3200 will even run at the lower pc2100 rate.

    I also did a google for "ram for Intel Chipset 845GV which is the chipset that the T2682 uses,

    The pc3200 is much easier to find and much cheaper than the pc2700 and pc2100.
    I can get 2Gb of pc3200 ddr 400 mhz ram for the same cost as 1Gb of pc2100.
    As well as the fact that in the event this system finally gives up its ghost, I'll be able to use the pc3200 in another p4 system.

    I resort back to my original question. Has anyone ever ran pc3200 in an eMachine T2682 or knows for a fact that I can run low density pc3200 on this motherboard?

    Thanks outlw6669 for your input.
  3. I would have appreciated getting an answer that I requested. Which would have involved someone that has actually USED pc3200 in the T2682. I never got that answer. I appreciate outlw attempting to gain points for his research, however, I know how to research outdated material as well as he did. Hopefully, this thread will get a bump and eventually someone will give an answer to THE question, rather than outdated information from someone who has no clue about the computer in question.
  4. Lusty,

    The information researched cannot possibly be outdated since it has not been proved wrong, or added up to.

    Old, yes, but not outdated.

    You can run both modules on the same machine.

    It is unnecessary to have experience with the T2682 in particular to know both modules will work together.

    It is a rule of thumb regarding memory. Modules using the same technology will work together at the JEDEC standard. If they do not, one of them has a problem or an incompatibility with you motherboard.

    So, outlw6669's answer fits your question perfectly.

    In any case, I have installed and paired memory modules with differing clocks successfully in a couple of netburst Celerons a few years ago.

  5. CLOSE THIS THREAD... no useful information here.
  6. You sure are an ungrateful brat, aren't you.
    The answer to your question was already given, reread the thread.
  7. your answer was INCORRECT, no cookie for you. Give up loser. Before you attempt to answer someone's question, perhaps you should first READ the question. Then give the answer. If you're not able to give THE answer to THE question, please refrain from wasting more space on the thread, and the requesting party's time. Thank you again for your efforts.. now take off hoser.
    ADMIN< please close this thread, as there are no users in this forum who give the correct answer.
  8. oh, and one final thing since the thread isn't yet closed. I purchased five different modules of pc3200, none of them worked. I purchased four different modules of pc2700, they ALL worked.
  9. lol, and one more thing, it does hold TWO 1 gig sticks... so it doesnt max at one gig, it max's at 2 gig...... thanks for your time, and I hope this helps someone else with a T2682 eMachine.
  10. Dear lusty, rather than spouting off like a spoilt brat because you're too thick and cannot find the answer yourself i would suggest you follow these simple steps.

    1. unplug pc.
    2. collect all related cables and peripherals.
    3. take to car boot and sell
    4. go and BUY a decent system rather than a coal powered effort at computing power.
    5. get yourself to asda (walmart) they are selling lives, go and get one.
    6. never attempt to de-braide anyone who attempts to help someone with an almost relic like machine with the most basic and minimal capabilities.
    7. lastly but most importantly- feel free to hate/abuse/reply to this post. I have already completed the first six steps hence I've never had to post on this site asking for help.

    Even dog's sometimes show more intelligence than humans, for they do not bite the hand that feeds them till after dinner time. A lesson you may learn in the future before buying FIVE (shits a kidney out laughing) sticks of the wrong DDR before having a Homer Simpson moment (DOH)) and realising you may be a little bit FICK.

    Enjoy, I know I did reading your simering little backchatting like a petulant child.
  11. Thank you for your response. It was so very nice to see someone post on a message that was almost TWO YEARS old... haha... I did enjoy your mindless banter as well. I think you should return the life that you bought, as it's apparently not working for you, or you would not have been reading and responding to a thread that should have been closed years ago.
  12. Was just a simple test to see if u were sad enough to continue this. Well done u failed miserably. I was pointed to this thread by way of a search string researching how how. Many people ask for help on forums like this and then continue to rubbish any help people attempt to give. Well done on being one of the top instant wasters in our companies research. Out aim I'd to allow websites such as this to implement instant thread closes or user bans on time wasters and haters such as yourself. Many thanks for your participation. Your insite. And willingness to thank the people who tried to help will make a good selling tool for the future.
  13. Best answer

    Thank you for concluding this thread with the answer. You just saved me some dough. I to was looking for two gigs of WAY overpriced 2700 and wondered if substituting some 3200 would do the trick.

    What a bunch of clowns, I expect more from this site......
  14. Wow, way to go trolling an almost three year old thread...
    You are certainly an internet winner...
  15. Best answer selected by lusty.
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