PC Shuts down after 30 seconds

Hi everyone!!

Firstly, this isn't a homebuilt system, it's actually a regular PC that I bought... I don't know much about computers and their detailed specs but i have this PC which only a few months old.

It's an:
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20 GHZ

Basically, when I switch it on, it goes through the normal star-up process and then asks me for my password as per normal. Once I type it in, it looks like its working but in truth it immediately shuts down and auto-restarts.

I have tried to start it in different manners: Start Windows As Normal, Start Windows with previous settings that work and it didn't work.

However, it loads under safe mode and seems to be remaining on for longer... I need to see if it continues to stay on or switches itself off but so far it seems fine.

Could this mean I have a virus which is why it opens in safe mode but not in other modes? If that is the case, then what can I do to fix this?

I love this computer, I just hope someone can help me... I'm good at following instructions if they are clear, i'll do anything to fix this!!!

Thanks guys!
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  1. How old is it? Mine was doing something similar, i swapped out the power supply and it was good to go, mind you it was 6 years old at that point so it was a pretty good life for a stock power supply. If it is shutting down even in safe mode then it probably isnt a virus its likely a hard ware issue.
  2. hello! firstly thanks for ur help... no this comp is about 1 year old... and it's been on for over half an hour in safe mode so it's remaining on... does tat mean it's prolly a virus?
    a the beginning of this problem, the comp was switching off randomly after about 5 minutes, now it's more or less 45 seconds...
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