WiFi Application / Shutdown Issue

Hey everyone,

I'm running Windows 7 home premium 64bit.
currently using ASUS P5K deluxe w/ Wi-fi

love the board but ever since ive been using the wireless application, it has caused errors for shutting down. whenever i attempt to shutdown, the asus program wont close and an error pops up. i dont know exactly why. i dont think formatting the computer solves the issue since i was running windows vista before and the same error was popping up.

any suggestions? thanks!

*on a side note* SpeedFan wont close properly upon shutdown either! rawr
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  1. no one? =(
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    Asus had that problem before with a dual core amd level board and it was a usb driver issue that was eventually rememdied. Did you try their forum?
    I'm guessing you disabled Speedfan to make sure it wasn't related.
    With Windows 7 their should also be a log event for the slow shutdown and the cause listed in performance area.
    Someone here with more software talent than myself will explain it better.
  3. interesting that you bring up slow shut down. yeah in general my shut down is slow. msn and windows media player typically take a few seconds longer then other programs to shut down. i've tried fiddling with some random stuff. its getting better? i realized i didnt need the asus app to run wireless internet so i shut that down. speedfan is sometimes... for some reason it closes fine at times, but the the are those days where theres an error and i have to force shutdown, or force close speedfan.

    i guess a better question would be how do i speed up my shut down? i tried this one thing from windows7 tips that you can lower the wait time for shut down, which i did. i noticed min differences, but w/e. any other tips?
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