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ok i have this sort of old desktop and i have never come accross something like this. it starts up and when its in the windows logo thing when its still starting up it restarts. settings in the bios are normal.
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  1. Could be a power supply on it's last leg. Or could be a memory stick failing. List your complete system specs if you want more help.
  2. amd atholon xp.
    ati x1650 pro
    an35n ultra v1.1 is my mother board
    and ddr2 ram
  3. Did you try boot in safe mode and check your drivers?
  4. It seems like a driver problem like damian is saying. Windows get corrupted easily with video drivers... I am running a 4 month old rigg and I got problems with my video drivers on Vista 64.

    If I have to rule out something else, I would go with maybe your hard drive dropping after a few seconds of boot up.

    Usually, memory never died, or in extremely rare causes. More than often, it's DOA or malfunctioning at day one and not after a while.
  5. i got it fixed, so its all good.
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