I need a crash course in overclocking, or I may kill this machine

So normally I never mess with an actual tower or any sort of computer that is built by a brand, actually feels weird, dirty and I don't know it just does not seem right, but right now I am doing really yeah, living like a homeless I feel, and it sucks! :pfff:

BTW - I am a idiot, messed up after installing a lot of apps, u know like all the must have on, some actual actual applications, network config, security, massive block list on peerblock, installing all my video cards, I am going to bring this question up again so and I hope I really do not have too!!

Not a very good Windows User, I mean I am good, but no expert.. My weapon of choice is CentOS Linux. Here is the big mess up, First I tried to run Windows 7, Failed to get the VLK license to work, I then decided to install Dell install Windows XP PRO SP3 but failed to do so due to bad copy! OMFG, I forgot about these machines that are made by a company they have stickers on top, I mean no Windows 7 but the key for Windows XP PRO (DELL)

BTW this is a Dimension 9100, running Microsoft Windows Vista
:non:Home:pt1cable: Premium or does Premium mean PRO and I can network my machines..

The network btw is on my server machine centos.myname.something running as a DNS Resolving caching name server. This is what this is about I woul like to overclock, one reason I have a lot of machines here, too many, all of them at least P4, 2.80GHz to 3.00Ghz.. I believe I am going to use this machine to overclock since I probably going to use this as my primary machine, omg so sad!

I don't even know the concept behind this, the Windows Experience Index base score of, ready for this -- 4.2

Processor: Calculations per second 4.2
Memory (RAM): Memory operations per second 5.0
Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero 5.9
Gaming graphics: 3D business and gaming graphics performance 5.9
Primary hard disk: Disk data transfer rate 5.2

I am not liking what the Processor is saying, as for all visual effects BS and menu bars, all turned off.

Installed Physical Memory 1 stick 2.00GB DDR2
Total Physical Memory 2.00GB
Available Physical Memory 842 MB
Total Virtual Memory 4.23GB
Available Virtual Memory 3.03
Page File Space 2.29GB
P4 3.00 2992 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 2 Logical Processors

I probably need to do a BIOS Update, A01 5/25/2005

Only upgrades I have done to this machine, replace the memory and the GPU.

NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT > PCI Express
DDR2 ?? too lazy right now but it is 2GB

ATI FireMV 2200 PCI Secondary XDDM

4 DVI outputs, I am only keeping 4 displays on this machine
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM) connected to > DTS610 > 7.2 Receiver

Oh and changed the HDD out to two 2TB sata disk drives

I feel I can get my CPU speed score much higher, so what can I do with this, this is more so like a test machine

So I am new to this score system, whats up with mine and also what can I do to overclock, thinking to upgrade the GPU and the CPU and anything else I can, so let me know before I just start doing my own crash course...

If somebody wants to help me, I will follow every step and will not make my own changes so I won't waste who ever wants to help me ? your time!
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  1. :o Huh?

    Hit the edit button, delete that entire book and change it to this:

    "How do I overclock my Pentium 4"?
  2. from the description its clear that you need some help with cpu and memory both.
    considering you are using a single core cpu i would not recommend overclocking. simply buying a cheap dual core processor will make your system faster if you are not looking for gaming and heavy tasks. also what are your RAM specs and timings? you can try and improve that to get better performance. head to the link below for some overclocking basics.
  3. sorry about the book, yeah I am trying to game on this machine but I have a problem with another machine that I use for gaming that is not working, I need help with it, where on this forum can I get one on one help to help fix my problem..

    My memory settings, I don't know right now, I will post that when I get home.. I was hoping to use this as a gaming machine with the GPU I have and specs the machine has, I know it is a lot different now then how it was in 2005 but this played the same game back then fine so I can't see why it won't play it even better now with some of the upgrades I have done over the years..

    Even though it is single core, I like to overclock this thing and like I was saying this machine is more of a test machine I have, I don't mind doing some fine line dangerous tuning..

    Thanks for the link
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    BTW this is a Dimension 9100, running Microsoft Windows Vista

    I'm going to make this real easy -- you cannot overclock memory or a processor on a Dell. Dell does not provide a bios that includes options to adjust voltage, multiplier, or BLCK, so you really can't do anything but buy a faster Pentium 4 chip.
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  6. I lazy right now, what would be worth it for this machine, fastest cpu I should go with for an upgrade on this machine..

    I know this machine can be used for gaming just fine, games like Counter Strike Source especially with the video card I have on it, I use to use a AGP 9800 and played all the time.. wtf I can probably play the game fine on this machine, my old machine with the 9800 had a athlon xp 3500+.. I can upgrade the memory to what hopefully 6gb
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