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Tivo and DVD Problems

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February 14, 2005 9:54:25 PM

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I recently bought a Matsui DVD recorder for use with my Freeview Box, early
Thompson Tivo and VCR I connected in place of my original DVD player and
connected the arial at which time it took over my TV completely and would
not let Tivo work at all. I tried reconnecting my freeview box, Tivo and
DVD Recorder in accordance with my Tivo manual, that is connecting the DVD
Recorder to the VHS scart outlet on the Tivo and could not see the Tivo
Window or anything
to do with the DVD Recorder. I have tried connecting the DVD recorder as
suggested by the Curry's Technical Man. when I took it back to the store and
he had it working just with a TV, but that does not work either. It appears
as if it might be conflicting with Tivo and my Freeview box but when I spoke
to the Tivo help line they seemed to think iy should work with Tivo if I
connected in accordance with their manual.

Many thanks


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February 14, 2005 9:54:26 PM

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clive wrote:
> I recently bought a Matsui DVD recorder...

I think the more often you post this, the less likely someone is to
give you a useful reply.

Regardless, the reply will most likely be 'user-error' so I don't know
what else you expect this group to help you with.