Please help with a 4870x2

I went out and got a 4870x2 for the sole reasons of using the higher aa options and to play mostly mlb 2k9 and nba 2k9.I have tried everything I can think of.I cant get it to do more then the in game settings no matter what I do.Any help is appreciated.I am using 9.6

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  1. No i cant seem to get crossfire enabled at all now!I have tried all settings.How do you tell if it is enabled at all?

  2. Well,I fixed the crossfire issue it seems.I reinstalled 3dmark and it went back to 130 fps.I earlier changed 3dmark, mlb 2k9, and nba 2k9 exe files to get aa to work and now changed them back and crossfire works again.Back to square one though of trying to get ccc aa to work in these 2 games past the in game settings.

  3. Well, honestly games like that do not have a huge pc fan base, so they may have lackluster support from ATI at best. Better google it and check the 2k games forums for answers.
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