New Gaming System

Hey guys I need a little help with this computer its good to me but do you have any suggestions?

Mobo: Foxconn A79A-S
GPU: Sapphire 4850 x2 2GB
Memory: GSkill 4GB 1066
CPU: AMD Phenom II 940
Power Supply: Coolermaster 750watt
Case: Coolermaster HAF 932

Not Needed: Hard Drive, Optical Drive

The games I plan on playing are COD4, COD5, Crysis, FarCry, Fallout 3, NFS Undercover, ect..

And Thanks ;)
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  1. EDIT:
  2. Sorry forgot to add I dont need a hard drive I allready have one, and its the same one so yeah. :)

    That's the post i meant to send to you.
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