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I have Maxtor Sata 160gb . I have put it as Secondary Drive and I m facing problem in it that while reading My Computer starts Lagging ,you can say slow .. mean if any song is playing while transferring , the song sounds like weird like low pitch voice .. mean my hard reading is slow

No Bad sectors .

Plz tell any other solution , I hope you got what i am trying to say ...
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  1. Combination of CPU and RAM issues. Start by adding RAM, or if all slots are full, try replacing and upgrading RAM. Make sure that the correct RAM compatible with your computer is selected and installed properly.
  2. I have 2 crosshair 512mb RAMs .. Actually when i run games it works fine without lag ..
    transfer rate in primary hard is fine .. only having problem in secondary HDD..

    can diagonistic tool help ? which one ?
  3. Two Corsair 512 MBs equal 1 GB of RAM, and that is not much these days.

    Add two 1 GB sticks to the existing RAM if you have 4 slots. If not, try replacing the 512 MB sticks with 1 GB or even 2 GBs each if possible. Check the motherboard specs and make sure that the slots have this capability, and then select and install the correct RAM.
  4. thank you ... one thing more

    i have just run speed test on my secondary HDD . which show .

    Read Contigous Sector Speed : Avg 3.6 Mb/s
    Read Random Sector Speed : Avg 3.7 MB/s
    Write File Test : 55 MB/s

    Can it be Improved :( [ Reading speed is slow i guess]
  5. The speeds are dependent on the HDD as well as the controller on the motherboard.

    Try a newer, high capacity HDD, in the 500 GB to 1 TB range. If your OS is XP SP3, Vista, or Win 7, it will work. By doing this, you have eliminated speed limitations of the present HDD.

    Here are two choices:

    I have both of these working very well for over a year.
  6. but I looking to take my chance in repairing it :)

    so any suggestions in repairing it ..

    have anyone use HDD..?
  7. Check and see whether there is any newer driver at the HDD manufacturer's (Maxtor) site. That may improve performance.

    Make sure you do a complete backup before installing new drivers.
  8. actually the problem is that , My Hard is running in PIO mode ... even i have changed it from Bios but still it is in PIO Mode .. i want to be in DMA mode .

    What do you Suggest ? Am I Right ? as PIO mode slows transfer rate .
  9. This may be the result of older technology.
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